Why is it crashing so hard. Bitcoin alone lost 12% ...

My suggestions to new crypto enthusiasts

I have been to crypto sphere for only 3-4 months now even though I knew about it since the days of piratebay around 2009. How I wished I clicked the last line, learned about it and got some bitcoin for 10c then rather than making fun of it and thinking some stupid internet money. In high school days, my friends were mining some bitcoin and I was stupid enough not to join them.
Anyway, my only suggestion to all new and old crypto mates seeing some people losing millions in XRB (who have been trading for years maybe) after the Bitgrail fiasco or NEM after Coincheck or BTC after Mt Gox is definitely get a Hardware Wallet and store your coins out of exchange. I don't want to sound rude or douchey but as I learned from you guys here in reddit and other forums -
it's not your money unless you have the private key for it
Fortunately, I transferred 80% of my XRB to raiwallet/nanowallet (such a brilliant wallet which lets you keep your private seed) before the mandatory verification was put in place. I got the rest out as soon as I got verified in 2 days.
I am now a proud owner of both Trezor and Ledger Nano S and have 5-6 of my ERC-20 tokens, Stellar, BTC, ETH in Nano and in Trezor. I feel peace going to sleep every night knowing my money is with me.
I still have Cardano and IOTA in Binance which I can't wait to get it out once ADA and IOTA comes in LedgeTrezor. I am not a fan of desktop wallet and Daedalus is awful and IOTA has so many issues which I probably won't go in to now.
And the last suggestion to all new crypto enthusiasts, read and learn as much as you can before FOMOed by other people and then buying at ATH and losing money and hating crypto. Crypto is here to stay and is going to change everything, so have faith in it. You might see your portfolio down by 70% as it happened to me but I HODL and now almost back to positive. I FOMOed and bought some promising coins at ATH which even today at 11K BTC Price, I am still down 50%. So, research before you invest and keep your emotions out of the way. If something is going up, it will eventually come down. If something is going up, it can also go up so no need to rush buy and feel awful afterwards.
And finally, if you don't have balls and heart made out of steel, you won't last in crypto. Its not easy to HODL when you portfolio is down 70% and you still believe in it.
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